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Our Caregivers are Compassionate, Caring, Empathetic, and Trained

Heart to Heart Home Care is dedicated to having a fully trained staff and in providing a well-rounded training program. It is comprised of orientation, skills 1-4, online learning, in-home training shifts, and monthly guest speakers. We don't stop there, bi-annually we require all of our caregivers to come into the office and train on CNA skills. Additionally,

we work with local organizations for local resource-specific training, and we encourage our caregivers to go to local support groups. We have a library of learning material for our caregivers. We believe that well trained & compassionate caregivers are the best resource we can give our clients.


All new caregivers are required to come in for an orientation. During this time they are given basic skills that are required to perform their job. We cover communication skills, observing and recording for accurate care logs, HIPAA, and much more. Once completed, we schedule them for training shifts, in which they shadow mentors at our client’s homes. Here they learn about specific client needs, practice writing care logs, and get hands on experience.

Skills 1-4

After our new caregivers have completed orientation with a few live training shifts, they come into the office for a series of skills trainings. Skills 1 covers compassion training, infection prevention, and detailed HIPAA training. During Skills 2, caregivers learn about the human lifespan, common diseases, end of life care, and caregiver self care. Skills 3 is all hands on deck with practical skills such as making an occupied bed, brief changing, feeding, wheelchair maneuvering and much more. Skills 4 covers a growing problem in the senior community, dementia. We detail the different types of memory loss, adaptation techniques, handling methods, and how to work with the families.

On-Going Training

Every month we schedule a speaker to come and work with all of our caregivers. We work with local organizations to make sure our caregivers are getting continued and varied training. Some of our speakers have included: grief counselors, the Montana Association for the Blind, Hospice, and essential oils introduction. Our clients and their families are welcome to attend these presentations to learn more.

Our caregivers have the option of attending local support groups to learn about specific ailments our clients’ may be suffering from. Going to support groups can help provide our caregivers with a look into some of the challenges our clients may be experiencing due to the disease or ailment they are facing. From there, we can work with clients in a more seamless manner. We have an ever-growing library available for our caregivers. It is filled with books that range in topics from senior nutrition to end of life care, and everything in between. We also have a host of varying articles pertaining to home care for our caregivers to peruse as needed.

Online Training

Our caregivers are required to watch an assortment of training videos including basic caregiving skills, Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach®, and Care DVDs for dementia training. All caregivers are required to complete 29 hours of online training in their first year. From there, we assign training videos as needed and our caregivers are welcome to watch training videos at any time.



Lead Caregiver

Eliot was born in Bar Harbor, Maine but moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico before the age of one. Growing up in Santa Fe offered a unique combination of outdoor recreation, great food and an art culture renowned around the world, there he attended St. Michael’s Junior/Senior high school. Like much of Santa Fe, it has a storied history and was founded in 1859. Some of his hobbies and passions include: skiing, funk/soul/jazz music, fishing, camping and red chili sauce. Some of the people he admires are: Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, E.O. Wilson and Dr. Martin Luther King. On his days off he can typically be found by the river, or rock climbing with his girlfriend Megan. Elliot also collects music on vinyl records and loves to paint, typically with spray paint.
Eliot moved to Montana in 2005 to attend Montana State University, where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Physical Geography. During that time he started working at "On The Rise Bread Company " as a delivery driver. Over the next ten and a half years he became fully immersed in the artisan bread culture through travel, education and managing the bakery. After a series of hardships his life, Elliot was then steered in several different directions and chose to become a member of the Heart to Heart team to better serve his community. Working with the elderly and disabled has given him a different satisfaction that he could not obtain by teaching people how to make craft bread. Elliot hopes to meet many more amazing people and hear their stories in the future with Heart to heart, and also plans to gain more certifications through the various learning opportunities that are offered.




Born in the Czech Republic, Radka has some great stories from abroad. She and her husband have two children and love to cheer them on at their many climbing competitions. She spends her spare time working on her graphic design projects, hiking, walking her dog, Boo, and working in the garden. Radka is great at keeping busy but loves to spend her Sunday mornings sleeping in and taking it easy.
As a caregiver she has great empathy and is very reliable. Her clients really appreciate her steadiness, compassion, and can-do attitude.




Spencer was born in Walnut Creek, California but moved to Helena, Montana before he turned one. He graduated from Helena High School,  moved to Bozeman and is pursuing a Marketing degree at Montana State University. Spencer  feels most at home in the outdoors and his hobbies include: fly fishing, rock climbing, backpacking, skiing, and playing the guitar.
When Spencer isn’t outdoors or studying, he’s exploring his other passions; travelling and helping people. He recently got back from studying abroad in the United Kingdom. He was there for six months and absolutely loves British/Irish culture and history. He plans on traveling a lot in future. When Spencer got back from being abroad he wanted to pursue his other passion- help people. That’s when he found Heart to Heart and the very fulfilling job of being a caregiver. He loves talking and caring for the elderly, his favorite part is hearing all their interesting stories and the satisfaction of truly helping someone in need.




After 20 years of caring for children and teens, Laura decided to broaden her perspective and skills by becoming a Heart to Heart caregiver. Laura says she feels incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to assist and get to know her clients and be a part of such an outstanding and compassionate group of caregivers. She continually advocates for her clients and shows how much she cares about them. Laura is a busy mom but she absolutely loves what she does!

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Chelsea is a small-town girl from Blountville, Tennessee. She has many hobbies including makeup, autocross, and photography. Ever since she started caregiving in November of 2019, she has fallen in love with it. She says it is the most underrated job out there and she even stopped going to school to become a full-time caregiver. When she goes back she will pursue her passion in community health and gerontology. If Chelsea is not working or at school, she she is racing, hanging out with her 3 cats, or enjoying time with her Fiance.

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Born and raised just east of Shelby, Montana, Niki grew up with a heart full of curiosity and adventure. Hiking, baking, reading, fishing, and rollerskating make up her many hobbies and if she's not doing these, she's playing with her dog, Fuzz. Her passion for caregiving has grown throughout her past 9 years of experience and continues to build with her Heart to Heart clients. To her, caregiving means showing up, providing support to others who have greater needs than her with tenderness and empathy.



Administrative Assistant & Mentor

Ashlyn was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. Known for its rugged wilderness, Colorado molded Ashlyn into a hiker, skier, and trail runner. She now resides in Bozeman where she is attending Montana State University and studying Human Health and Development to soon become a physical therapist. With her passion for running and improving the quality of life of others, she hopes to work with all ages to get them back into health and doing what they are passionate about. She loves to volunteer for Eaglemount and get everyone, no matter their ability, into the outdoors. Talking to clients about the many adventures they have gone on, and plan to accomplish is something that pushes her to find new trails and help others get into the outdoors.



Administrative Assistant & Care Manager

Born and raised in Helena, Ayanna has always had a love for Montana. If she's not working or attending classes at Montana State University, she is enjoying the outdoors. She loves to get outside with her family and enjoys their many hunting trips, camping adventures, and hiking excursions. Whether its talking about their connections to Helena, the growth of Montana, playing cards, or doing personal care, Ayanna loves the time she gets with clients.



Owner - Care Manager

Lindsey was born and raised in the San Juan Island town of Anacortes, WA. where she never missed a chance to jump into a boat and head out fishing. Although her love for the outdoors and the open waters sooth her soul, her real passion is being a caretaker and homemaker. Lindsey started taking care of her grandmother when she was just 9 years old, when her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Lindsey has made it her life’s mission to help families cope with the process and keep their loved ones at home for as long as possible. She has earned her Associates of Arts in Art History from Skagit Valley College, Bachelors of Science in Community Health with a certificate in Gerontology from MSU-Bozeman, EMT, CNA, Dementia LIVE and multiple other trainings



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