About Us

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Ted A. Moore - Owner/Administrator​​
As a licensed Nursing Home administrator in Texas and a career in long-term care, Ted has extensive experience in working with seniors and in the hiring and training of caregivers. Ted's passion is to provide quality, compassionate care for seniors. His primary focus is the hiring and training of qualified and compassionate caregivers who are committed to providing the best care possible. Ted is committed to serving you in every way possible and will be there to assist you in your homecare needs.

Jill D. Routh - Office Manager/Care Coordinator
Jill has extensive experience in the business world in administration and management, however, she also has extensive experience as a caregiver.  She worked for a number of years as a caregiver for Heart to Heart Homecare and also she has provided personal care for other family members.  She is a deeply caring person who loves working with homecare and clients in need of homecare services.  Her caring, loving approach makes her a great asset to our team and a liason with family members who need our support.